Australia DAY GAMES  

Australians love their sport & cold beer, so we created a series of sporting events combining the two: SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE, WALKON, 2UP, THONG THROW, SHARK TOSS & FOOTY KICK.

Founded back in 2009 by a couple of Xpats in Stockholm, the Australia Day Games are now one of the few ways Xpat Australian's can qualify to get back into fortress Australia, which is now only letting in Australian Olympians and our other international sporting champion (except for our IPL cricketers).

Qualifying events are held all-year around the globe wherever it's warm, with national and global champs determined in late Jan/ early Feb each year.

THE Games Explained

The Australia Day Games is combines sport, beer & Australian mateship into an afternoon of events that the average Australian with a cold beer should excel at.  While no ADay Games is ever the same, they usually include the core events: Shark Toss, Shrimp on the Barbie, Two-Up, Thong Throw, Footy Kick, plus the American Beer Olympics classics, The Walk-on, Beer Pong & Slap Cup. Each team represents its country or cause of choice, the top two teams at the end of the day play of in a best of 3 Grand Final.

Shark toss

Shrimp on the barbie

Footy Kick

Thong throw

two up

WInners are grinners

Some of our past Champions..

 Team JAMAICA - 2017 - California - Usa

 Team Meningie - 2021 - S.Australia

 Team Australie - 2018 - ST Kast - France

 Team freedom - 2015 - California - Land of the free

 Team AusTralia - 2020 - Mezz Laff - France

 Team AmericA - 2016 - California - USA

 Team Australia - 2009 - stockholm - Sweden

From Little Things ...

First held in Stockholm 2009, the Team @ Australia Day Games are Expats & Repats who've competed in the A-Day Games around the world. 

Ey, Yous don't show up for A-day, yous gonna find yourself sleeping with the fishes, like this shark here

 DIno G. Team Italy |2017 Shark Toss Champ |

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