No ADAYGAMES is ever the same, but there are a couple of Games that are essential..


Inspired by the Tunarama's annual Tuna Toss held in Port Lincoln, South Australia every January

Gameplay: Each team's Shark Tosser get 2 tosses each of the inflatable pool shark, the longest toss wins. Distance is measured from toss runway crease to closest part of the shark once landed and stopped moving. 


Confusing to the Americans and English teams,  the Thong Throw has only been won by a non-Australian once in 11 years.

Gameplay: Each team’s 2 players get 2 throws each of a single thong, the longest throw wins. Distance is measured from crease to where the thong finally lands.

SHRIMP on the Barbie

While no Australian has ever cooked a shrimp on the Barbie, we do like a good BBQ. prawn

Gameplay: Each team’s 2 players throw the shrimp (and a local delicacy - eg frogs in France, crows in SA) a few meters back from the BBQ. Scoring is 3 points for landing and staying on the BBQ grill, 1 point it bounces out and is caught in the BBQ lid by a team mate. Most points win. Webber Mini/Smokey Joe is the regulation grill.


To be the best in the world for at least one sport, Australians invented their own game, taking the rules of Irish Gaelic Football and using a REJECT rugby ball made out of kangaroo skin.

Gameplay: Teams of two kick to each other. Start 10m from each other. If one drops the ball they are out, most kicks between a team wins. After each successful kick (and mark) both players must step back at least 1m.



1. Set the Game Area: make a square playing area, about 2-4m wide. All players should stay on the outside of the playing area.

2. Team Currency: Each team is then dealt out an equal amount of ‘currency’ (which can be tokens, beads, rocks, beercaps, toothpicks etc– real money can only be used in Australia on ANZAC day).

3. How to Win: The aim of the game is to win as much ‘currency’ off the other teams as possible. When a team loses all its currency it’s out of the game. The game ends when there are only three teams left.

4. How to Play: To win currency, each team must find one other team to bet against (ideally there are an even number of teams, otherwise one team will have to take a bye each round). Once each team has found a team to bet against, they must both agree on the amount to bet against each other, then put the combined amount of currency on the ground in front of the two teams. Each team then must choose either heads or tails (both teams cannot choose the same side of the coin). The team that chooses heads, puts their hands on their heads and the team that chooses tails, puts their hands on their backside. To determine who wins (heads or tails) a person is nominated as the coin Spinner. The Spinner takes two Australian Pennies and places them in the wooden Kip, each coin facing in the opposite direction (ie one tails up and the other heads up). The Spinner then launches the two coins in the air. They should go above head height and not land outside of the square playing area. If the two coins land in the square playing area and are both tails up the teams who are chooses tails win and they collect the pool of currency in front of them, vice-versa if the two coins landed heads up. If the coins land and one is heads and the other tails, it’s a dead throw and the Spinner resets the coins on the wooden Kip and throws again, until the coins land and are the same (heads or tail). The Spinner can be changed at the request of any of the teams. Each round the minimum bets increase to force teams to make bigger bets each round. When there are only three teams left, count the amount of currency each team has to determine the winner, 2nd and 3rd place.

An Aussie tradition that’s a nod to some our greatest Australians who made the ultimate sacrifice far from home, so that we can live in freedom (& legally play 2UP once a year anywhere we want).

Other Core Games

Game: Walkon

Introducing your team in the Walkon event sets the benchmark for the day. As it’s the only double points event, nearly every team that has won the Walkon makes it to the GF.
Gameplay: Each team introduces themselves, their country/cause, no more than for a couple of minutes. Each team then votes (can’t vote for themselves) for the most entertaining intro. 

Game: SlapCup

Thanks to our Allies in the US for sharing your Nuke Submarines and the rules to SlapCup that’s now the highlight event of the ADAYGAMES.

GamePlay: Look on youtube - it's something you have to see to understand.

Past Games

Game: Kangaroo Waterballon Shoot

Game: Flamin’ Galah

Game: Beer Pong

Game: Hard as Nails / Hammer Schlagen

Game: Boomerang Throw

Game: Beerpong

Game: Coronabeerus Test

Game: Croc Luge

Game: Tiki Toss

Game:  Corn Hole

Game:  Sausage Sizzle

Game: AO Quarantine Tennis

Game:  Bowling @ the Cans


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